Oops..I still need collars

My right forearm is a bit sore. I’ll tell you why in just a bit.

I was lazy with my workout today; started out with my warmup/PT exercises
10 sets of 5 pull ups (mostly good quality) then 10 penalty singles (to account for sloppy reps)
bench press: played with my shiny new 45’s.

10 x 134
2 sets of 6 x 174 (surprised a bit… so I switched to my old cast iron 44’s and 22’s
4 x 176 (last rep..weights slid off on that last rep; right arm hit the spotter pin. That pissed me off as I was getting it. But, well, it really felt..slightly heavier. As it should.
3 x 181 (to make up for that missing rep); though set.

rows: 8 x 134 trap, 2 sets of 8 x 145
seated shoulder: 10 x 10, 2, collar on each side 36 kg or 80 lb., then 10 x 84
push ups: 50 in 3:17 (20, 10, 10, 10) I thought about 100..ugh. Nope

I feel it in my shoulders.

Bottom line: the days of lifetime PBs are over. The days of respectable lifts for a 195 lb. guy are over. Now it is about keeping my body from turning into jello and having some fun along the way.
The days of pin-presses, block pulls, blah, blah…nope. If I have energy/time left over, I do another set of the basic movement.