So so walk; better swim

More and more I think that I will get some sort of invasive treatment for my nerve root impingement. I am progressing …well..sort of stuck.

Today’s walk:

It started ok; faint symptoms early but at about 1.35 I knew it would be rough so I turned for home.

Then it became a “rock in the shoe” day: university gym was closed sans announcement, I parked at the Riverplex alone but a big blue truck right next to me…Stanley Steemers in my neighborhood…(noise), someone in the locker right next to mine.

BUT the train in the parking lot did stop…and I got a swim lane and a decent 1500 yard swim:

800 of side/back, side/free

200 of kicking without fins

200 in 3:38 (pedestrian but easy)

200 of fin kick drills

2 x 25 free

50 in 49 seconds

Weight: 205, but that was after lunch.


Chiefs lost 3-2 even though…in the bottom of the 9’th, it was 3-2, and the Chiefs got runners on first and second with no outs! Then:

  1. strikeout
  2. runner trying to steal third was thrown out.
  3. strikeout

The Chiefs have lost a lot of games like this…right on the verge.

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I enjoy politics, reading, science, running, walking, (racewalking and ultrawalking) hiking, swimming, yoga, weight lifting, cycling and reading. I also follow football (college and pro), basketball (men and women) and baseball (minor league and college)

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