Blocking and social media

In what is now an unusual move for me: I blocked someone on Facebook. Normally, I just unfollow and put on my restricted list (so they don’t see “friends only” post). Ok, I tend to do that with people that were once active in my life that I now find annoying.

The issue: I was trying to explain to people that, yes, loans carry interest and that if your payment doesn’t cover the interest accrued during the period, the amount owed goes up.

Someone tried to argue that banks get “virtually free” loans from the Fed ( cover the reserve requirement, though they get even lower rates from other banks). And of course, administrative costs and risk costs must be covered as well.

But, this was one of those “why can’t you get that” remarks coming from a rather “dull but unaware of it” type person; someone I had no prior relationship with. So, “boom”, went the block. (on Twitter: I mute; I don’t mind their ranting into the Ether; I just don’t want to engage)

Yes, I have a double standard If I have a relationship with the person, especially one that goes back several years, AND if I like said person, I give a lot more leeway.

If that person has special knowledge that I can gain from I might put up with more.

But having dull people think that I am an idiot…I get enough of that at my job from some of the worst students. I am paid for that; I am not paid for social media.

And yes, like the old song; sometimes the one you love doesn’t love you back (as friends). Yes, there are a few that I like better than like me..I can deal with that. And yes, I give them more leeway too.

And, much to no one’s surprise, most I have blocked tend to be left wing. It is easy to see why (that is who I tend to associate with)

Bouncing back

Yesterday was a blah day..shoulder ached, back/glute was touchy, even my knee ached. Today was much better. Far less overall pain and weight was 203..down 2 lb from yesterday (clearly I was bloated)

PT 1 at home, including new shoulder stretches.

Swim 1850 yards done as follows:

1000 of: 4 x (100 free, 100 side, 50 front kick (no fins))

300 of 100 kick drills with fins)

400 of 50 swim, 50 pull on the 2:30 (1:50 each)

100 in 1:44 (yeah, sucks..)

50 slow back stroke.

Had the pool to myself: go figure.

The a lot of PT in the playground; embarrassed myself a bit on the balance course.

2 mile walk; too damned slow mile 1.

15:12/15:08. Ok, the first 1.4-1.5 were pain free..some symptoms at 1.6-1.7 but I forced myself to pay attention to posture and that helped a great deal.

It is getting better…slowly.