And now it makes sense

I’ve been reading about lumbar stenosis ..which I really do have. It fooled my PT as I can do McKenzie press ups and they feel good. But forward bends feel good too..go figure.

Key symptom: leg pain when walking, which is relieved by sitting down and bending forward (and in my case, backward too).

I should have known something was up..had foot tingles and my legs had that “hollowed out” feeling; as if I were missing muscle mass. And my slowdown was more than could be explained by age.

Evidently, signals were not getting to my legs…not properly anyway.

So, how to work with that?

Workout notes First swimming: 1650 yards

500 of 50 free/50 side

250 of 25 free/ breast

250 of 25 kick drills (no fins) 25 free

Then 5 x 50 on the 1 (55 each..tired me out)

3 x 50 side

100 in 1:45 (bleah)

50 side

100 pull.

Weight: 202.8

40-50 PT outside; I’ll try to remember everything:

stretching: McKenzie, open book, down dog

2 sets of dead bug, spinal balance, one leg bridge, bridge marches

2 sets of banded prone march, clam shell, bridge/leg out

2 sets of rotator cuff and forward kicks

1 set of step ups on a tire

2 sets of standing toe taps, banded walks

1 set of clamshell off of forearm side pank

1 set of side planks (extended arm)


down dog, McKenzie, open book, 2 sets piriformis stretches, 1 set of sciatic nerve flosses, 1 set of hamstring stretches (prone)

Then a 1.73 walk; 1.5-1.6 was very good.

I’d say 1.5-1.6 of this didn’t hurt. Distance IS increasing.