COVID and Roe

COVID: I have not spoken about this for some time. Clearly cases are going up again and yes, hospitalizations, while still low, are trending up.

I am starting to see an uptick in mask use (indoors) and I’ll stick with mine for a good long while. Second booster: depending on what happens, I’ll try to delay that until fall, when I’ll be back in the classroom and (maybe) going to football games (the maybe is that I don’t know the future status of my back)

Roe a leaked document, confirmed to be authentic, says that the SCOTUS is likely to either overturn it or at least weaken it a great deal.

And OF COURSE you knew the reaction:
MEN: STFU. WE are ANGRY. And there will be gatherings, marches, protests angry speeches and …it won’t matter. (and of course, the usual “what about meeee…” coming from the “men get abortions too…” crowd. (transmen with the biology of genetic women)

Of course, things are rarely that simple: men are 50-42 in favor of “pro life” and women are 52-43 in favor of “pro choice”; the difference is not as great as some might think.

No, I am not going to protest or march: those things do NOTHING. What I will do is participate in get out the vote activities …because what we need most is a law from Congress, and to get that, we need our people in Congress to begin with. THAT might do some good.

Sigh..this will be difficult. All too many times, Democrats give exactly the wrong message. They think “these laws hurt people in demographic X” is somehow going to persuade people on the fence.

Reality: “the poor” are ..just not popular. No one wants to be poor and the idea that many of us are just an unfortunate incident away from being like them is too unpalatable to contemplate. Hence, the poor are instead resented.

So championing them will never pay off at the ballot box.

Democrats …just have no idea on how to market…none at all. We are awful at it.


I honestly feel better. I did catch a Bradley Baseball game last night (11-1 win) and got to talk to a mother of a Western Illinois outfielder at length.

Talk about sparse: there were perhaps 48 people at first pitch; maybe maxed at 70? 50 F, drizzle and this was a make up game.

The Sunday Chiefs game was better attended..and warmer..and it was great that the Chiefs won to stay over .500.

Oh, about my back: part of the improvement might be my not going up and down the damned steps all day..and part of it, I think, is my adjusting my weight exercises:

  1. Feet up on the bench press
  2. High incline rather than shoulder press
  3. No strain allowed on high incline
  4. Trap bar deadlift; only light weights with low handles; use less weight with 4 and 8 inch handles WITH a belt..getting the lumbar out of it.

And, in walking, doing one session and stopping before it gets too bad.

Workout notes

Swim: watch the shoulder..feeling pings from time to time.

500 of alternating 50 free, 50 side

1000 of alternating 50 drill with fins, 50 free

100 pull

100 breast

Weight: 202.5 best in a while

PT: a LOT of it; even used the bosu ball..did it indoors. Wore my mask, stuck to myself, etc.

Then a 1.28 mile walk; cut it short because I wanted to finish while I still felt good.