Opinion: we will do NOTHING about our gun violence problem.

Oh, I’ve heard it before: “gee, 90 percent of the public including 77 percent of Republicans support background checks.” And yes, polls say that people support background checks…but when it comes to closing the loophole that allows for gun sales if the background check hasn’t been done in 3 days..not so much.

And in 2016, background check measures were on the general election ballots in Nevada and Maine, two states that Hillary Clinton won. Result: about 50-50; narrow win in Nevada and narrow loss in Maine.

As for the assault rifles (a military rifle with the civilian version having the automatic feature disabled ) we see that Iowa has a bill on the governor’s desk…which allows for deer hunting with AR-15s.

Bottom line: there is no real public will to do anything. The conservatives will say stupid things like “arm the teachers” or “battle harden the schools” but, in reality, their attitude is more “hey, in a free country, stuff happens.” Example:

Not that far along after all

Last week I was riding high…thinking…”maybe I am over this back thing.”
Nope. I am not saying today was terrible; I was ok ..symptom free for about 1.2-1.4 miles and challenged for 0.3 or so..I did one stretch “on the fly”. (forward bend) But..I was really happy to see the end.

This came after a rather long 50 minute physical therapy workout at home, and I followed it by a 1200 yard swim at the uni.

5 x (50 side, 50 back, 50 side, 50 breast)

fins (no booties) 100 kick, 50 side kick, 50 SFS.

Weight: 204..but I was bloated.

This might well be my 3 days a week routine….with maybe a 4’th weekday swim. I’ll stay away from the crawl stroke until I’ve had 2 weeks of concentrated rotator cuff exercises.

Note: the onset of pain during my walks is a bit different there is not as much muscle tightness. I think the piriformis pain is gone and what I am feeling is referred to by my back.