Oh noes! She is MAD…

Oh great…someone thinks say “I’m MAD” is going to get them what they think is just. Yes, both sides do it.

And no, I don’t value the opinion of a rolling coal imbecile or of some ranting red faced MAGA…and they don’t care if a bunch of feminists are angry (when aren’t they?)

And that is the kind of thing that has let me to mostly check out of politics; I have no desire to march with a bunch of society’s rejects..possibly harming the message.

I will participate in this though.

Yeah, Democrats can be embarrassing at times, and Republican counter attacks are very effective:

If you didn’t get the last jab: you have trans activists crying that “Men can get pregnant too..that is, biological females who identify as males.”

We are so screwed.


Lots of pebbles in the shoe today: toe blistered from fin use..still can walk though.

Back was ok..better than a week ago. Kind of got tired about 1.3 miles but I got stubborn and went for 1.7…maybe not enough press ups beforehand.

Weight: 202.8

Swim: no fins: 500 of side/free, 500 of 50 drills sans fins, 50 free

200 in 3:40 (bleah), 100 in 1:49, 100 in 1:46, 50 in 50, 50 in 50.
Intervals: 4:30, 2:30, 2:30, 1:30

50 pull, 100 breast.

The walk: felt pretty good up to about 1.1-1.2…had to focus and pain (mild) had started at about 1.6.