Stanley Steemer season

Where I live: used to be a family neighborhood..30 years ago. Over time, parents of students bought houses for their offspring to live in for their college years, and eventually they sold them to landlords who rent to students.

And since the semester has ended, it is “clean season” which means noisy Stanley Steemers making the neighborhood sound like a construction zone. What makes it worse is that this dumb neighborhood is put together so that there are sound channels; someone can be having a normal conversation on their own porch across the street and you can hear it clear as a bell on your own porch. It is something about the way the houses were placed.

Enough of this…summers are just noisy around here (power mowers, leaf blowers, power washers, bleah…

Workout notes Today…well, it went. swimming: 1300 yards; 1000 of off strokes (zero crawl; mix of side, back, breast), 300 yard of kick with fins drills. Surprise: no shoulder pain, though the 1000 did fatigue me.

Weight: 204, but that was (TMI) non-empty weight.

Outside for a LOT of PT: back and shoulder. Goodness, this took forever..and the chilly (but pleasantly chilly) weather lead to another bathroom break.

I will add some of these shoulder exercises to the mix.

Then just over 1 mile of easy walking..almost pain free.

Update: took walk 2 while car was being serviced. I walked with no pre stretching at all…and it did not go well; started to bark at me at .5-.6 miles.