back to masking at the gym

So, today: yoga, NuStep (40 minutes), stationary bike (recumbent, 45 minutes or 12.4 miles…almost 20 km)

And I did some rehab; added the leg swing (minor) to the banded walks.

I wore my mask..indoor. I do not care if anyone finds it strange.

Note: in rehab, they had me go to a “spinal balance” pose and the therapist pushed me tone up my core…physical taps from unanticipated directions

I also went to a Chiefs game; they won 6-2, mostly on the strength of a 4 run 3’rd inning which featured back to back home runs.

No mask needed at my seat; I did wear it for the concourse.

Things are looking grim for minor league baseball.

Speaking of sports: I haven’t followed much of the Olympics as yet. Most of it has been because I was on the road so much. I hope to catch some of the weightlifting.

What I found interesting is that there is such a social and political divide, some Americans are cheering for our teams to lose.

And yes, I am aware of the US gymnastics star who retired from the competition; but our best rose to the occasion.

Just one comment: professional athletes who make it to the “big stage” will be ruthlessly critiqued by the public; often the critiques will be incompetent. After all, anyone who only has connoisseurs following them will not be that popular, nor that rich from their sport.

It comes with the territory.