19-20 July

Physical Therapy: yesterday, the PT dug around; the usual piriformis site was not as inflamed as it should be, given my symptoms. He went to the gluteus medius part (where your butt meets your lower back) and OMG…

YEEEEEOOOOOWWWW……. this was 1970’s style PT baby!
I breathed through the pain…

And I got a new exercise: similar to Warrior 3.

I’ll try that tomorrow.

During the day, I had the usual pull ups (went ok; sets of 5-10), push ups, lots of rehab, curls outside..

Today: yoga, rehab, 40 minutes on the NuStep (3.48 miles), 43:08 on the Matrix bike (14 miles) and extra massage (with a gun) at Ms. V’s.