A lot of time…doing nothing…

And so it seems, though I am filling that notebook and typesetting some of it.

And rehab continues unabated…and there are signs here and there that I am getting better; it just won’t be as quickly as I’d like.

Weight: ugh..call it 206 sans clothes; too high. But the lack of walking means I have to cut back on intake.

I talked to Lynnor after her walk with Barbara and there it is…”it is always something” (she pointed out that something else will go after (if?) my two current dings clear up.

Today: light stretching and abs, 40 minutes NuStep (3.4 miles this time on the “Fourier Series” program), 42:50 on the exercise bike (upright) for 14 miles; hit 12.5 in 38:08, a lot more rehab on the porch; can I remember it all? Then shenanigans with Barbara and Lynnor.

And so I spent a LOT of time but really didn’t do all that much; I did get sweaty and out of breath. And I have to watch my deadlift form; I need to force myself to NOT do “touch and go” reps; no I do NOT bounce reps but I need that “form check” set up between each rep. Perhaps I will drop weight next session to ensure I am doing it right, or maybe do “reps on the 1” instead of “sets of 3 on the 3”

The bottom photo is from Monday’s visit.