Pathetic: I get excited about a …mask?

I am now masking up in the public gym; I do not trust Delta.

The mask: the Mission sports mask. I did not scientifically test it, but when I was breathing hard, I put my hand in front of my face and could NOT feel my breath.

Yes, at the end the mask was a disgusting mess, but that was 2:40 of work, which included 1:40 or cardio (broken up)

Yes, that 10 mile shirt still taunts me a bit.

What I did: lots of rehab; abs included twist crushes, hand to leg ball exchange, and the dead bug with a ball.

I learned these yesterday. I did the shoulder stuff, banded walks, leg extensions, etc.

The cardio:

12:20 (1 mile) on the elliptical (did I quit at the right spot?)

40 minute NuStep (3.6 miles); a lady asked me about the machine.

8:30 4 laps on the track walking (quit at onset of tingles))

40 minutes (13.15 miles) on the Matrix bike

After weight: with shoes: 203.7…so some progress.