Retreat in deadlifts

I did do a “heavy” single last weekend and, well, it does appear that maxing (or coming close) does take something out of you. So, I kind of fell back this week. I was also worried about a slight “tug” I felt in the right side of my lower back.

So today was a bit different: I was paranoid about form and pain:

10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224

Now I dropped down from 266 to 251 and took care to set up with tense glutes and drive from the legs:

5 sets of 3 x 251 on the 3. I did have to get through some sticking points.

Then instead of high handle work: 2 sets of 10 x 134 Romanian; that really left me feeling good.

Note: deadlifts are one of the fun things my body will still allow me to do, so I am going to be careful and not hurt anything.

Then more stretching/rehab and 42 minutes on the home stationary bike (14 miles)

Last night: shoulder ache (some) but I am embarrassed to admit what that was about.

Some thoughts on the political divide

About the COVID19 vaccines: yes, MOST of the reluctance comes from the MAGA types; it is exactly what you think it is. But not all of it.

So, I wonder if, in some cases, we’ve done all we can do. I have deep respect for those who are still trying to persuade.

Now, here is what I see as another divide in our country: this comes from a thoughtful thread by a very smart, thoughtful man:

I refer to the first sentence. I admit that I struggle with this; I think there *should* be some personal responsibility with respect to having kids but saying “only the worthy should procreate” is just…evil.

Nevertheless: “personal responsibility”, in my OPINION, will always be popular in the US and the Republicans will always run on that..even if the individual politicians do not practice it themselves:

THIS does not pay well in the US.

Now of course, this is extreme; not what most poor people do. But this is what Democrats will be saddled with (examples like this) and this is why Democrats will always struggle to win, unless Republicans are downright incompetent and dreadful (as they often are).