Chiefs games 2021: rough start but hope?

It is weird..for the past 20 years, I spent Saturday morning at races. Right now, my butt says “nope…not yet”, though I am seeing some signs of hope and in a few months…

I did watch some baseball though; Thursday: double header. Chiefs lost both. First one: fell behind 4-0 and lost 4-2 (7 innings); second one: 3-2 where they were down 3-0 after 1; relief pitcher came in and got 9 k’s and allowed 0 hits over 5 innings..and got 2 runs in the ninth. So close.

It was like the previous day (9-4 loss); down 4-3 going into the top of the 9’th and then giving up 5 in the final inning.

This time..last night..the Chief won 7-4 after, yes, falling 4-0 down..making blunders (e. g. no outs, 2 on base, try to steal third, get thrown out, runner gets thrown out at second…then the batter walks….so instead of “bases loaded, no outs” we have “1 on base, 2 outs.”

But came the 6’th inning where the Michigan Whitecaps made blunders..had a rough inning and the Chiefs got 7 runs. The relief pitcher that Michigan put in didn’t last the inning.

Sadly, attendance has been a big issue this season.

“The high-A farm team of the St. Louis Cardinals has struggled at the gate this season, albeit not an uncommon predicament in the minors overall.

The Chiefs have averaged 709 per game at Dozer Park through 23 home games heading into a six-game homestand this week. That is 113th among the 120 full-season minor league teams.

It represents a 76% drop from the 38-year franchise’s last season — 2019 — when it averaged 2,920 per game and ranked 92nd of 136 full-season teams.

In 2021, the now 120-team minor league system is averaging 2,778 per game as it comes off a pandemic that saw the 2020 season cancelled. That’s down from 4,290 system-wide in 2019, a 35% decrease.”
[…] “The Chiefs came back from the pandemic, but so far, the fans have not. There have been a lot of nights at Dozer in which it appeared, from hand-counting, there were about 200 spectators in the ballpark.”

Here is another way to tell: this Friday night…and the last Saturday night I went to the game, several of the concession stands were closed. In years past, they had EXTRA concession stands open on Friday and Saturday night (including a great burger stand..delicious) Friday/Saturday attendance is kind of like the old weekday attendance.

Now, this past week (Pride Wednesday, then great weather games on Thursday and Friday) did get attendance up a bit from earlier this season, but not nearly to the level of previous years.