quick one

Yoga, lots of rehab, then 40 minutes on the Nustep (a recumbent stepper) and 51 minutes on the recumbent bike (14 miles; this was slower than the upright bike of the same model).

Off to a Chiefs game.

Note: some slight shoulder pain last night..AT TIMES..but I am feeling more hopeful as I am doing the rotator cuff exercises more correctly this time around. And at times, I am tingle free. Still have to remember to firm up the abs.

Using the wrong muscles

The downer: a 0.4 mile walk to see a friend brought back tingles. Later: PT..therapist said “you are good at using the muscles you aren’t supposed to be using.” Call me the “compensation king.”

And so: pull ups (55 total; including 2 sets of 10), push ups (3 sets of 40), curls (3 sets of 10), and my usual rehab.

I did feel pain when reaching for something.

Physically: I feel both low (2 injuries at the same time) and hopeful.