Fooling myself

Workout notes: I kind of put my piriformis through the ringer…

rehab, then deadlifts:

10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224

Then 5 sets of 3, “on the 3” (finishing just about 12 minutes); 262, 262, 262, 262, 267 (felt reasonably easy)

2 sets of 3 “high bar”: 285, 285

not enough rehab…
16 minute mile walk (great for .4, tingles to .8, onset of pain toward the end)

more rehab….then I tried a second walk; made it to .25 miles when I realized it wouldn’t be any better than the first one…likely slightly worse, so I bailed
then 40 minutes on the bike (13.3 “fake miles”)

I did feel the shoulder last night…briefly; I really do need to do the pec stretching prior to sleeping.

Deception I’ve sometimes said that, on a personal level, I’ve found Republicans more tolerant than Democrats. Then again..this could be selection bias in action; any conservative who would be my friend would be, by definition, more tolerant. On the other hand, I know far, far more liberals and therefore see the whole spectrum, from “let’s try to understand” to the sanctimonious “if you disagree with me it is because you are just like Hitler”

This article talks about that. Personally, the friendship breaking or “cooling off” had more to do with COVID related behavior (masking,vaccines, etc.) in PERSONAL behavior. Someone might think that mask mandates don’t do any good but wear a mask themselves and get vaccinated themselves. And I am ok with that.

I didn’t like the deniers. And I especially didn’t like those who were loudly pro-compliance…for others…but did whatever they wanted in their own lives. These are the ones that decried large pro-Trump gatherings..even outdoors…but then went to large protests themselves (yes, we now know that outdoor activities were relatively safe). And I am talking “pre-vaccine”.

No, I did NOT immediately dump anyone who came down with COVID though….as some could not work remotely and others couldn’t resist (or didn’t want to resist) family pressures; I tended to be less harsh on those who felt some contriteness. But for others, let’s just say that social media changed my attitude toward some I felt closer to in the past.