Humility …

I wasted too much time in an often heated discussion (described somewhat in my previous post). It turns out that I waded into a grievance festival but there were some, ok, several, who engaged me in a thoughtful, respectful way.

Others just wanted to yell.

One said this was me…and…well..I did see myself in the sea lion.

If I decide to comment on such a thread again, I’ll ask a question: why do you find this objectionable when this similar word is in common use?

Or I’ll seek out and find better people to follow.

What I did learn, or relearn, is that priors matter. I live in a community that values athletic achievement and YOU BEAST is high praise and is often extended when one makes a big lift, runs a fast time, etc. I also follow women’s sports and yes, even the women lifters like praise when they’ve made a big lift.

Now about my “beast mode” (LOL) workout.

I started too late but did pull ups (4 sets of 10, 2 sets of 5 chins), 3 sets of 20 push ups with better range of motion, 3 sets of curls and 3 sets of rows. It wasn’t too bad and I actually did better on the pull ups.

Then came the PT and that was encouraging (new “hot spot” on the glute medius) and some very humbling exercises; including one I can’t do properly (I have to “cheat” by rotating my body.

New (to me) Rehab:

Perturbation training (with me: applied to spinal balance)

These were cool too:

I cannot do these properly as yet:

At the end, she shows what I am doing wrong.

Update: NO SHOULDER PAIN last night!

Not what it might appear at first glance

Last night, the Peoria Chiefs lost to the Beloit Snappers: 10-3. Blowout right? Well, the game went 12 innings and was 1-1 after 9 (2 hr, 10 minutes) The Chiefs had 3 double plays and the Snappers had 2 or 3; the game featured a ton of action; very fun to watch.

In the bottom of the 10’th, the game was 1-1 when a Chief hit the ball into deep left center; I just KNEW the Chiefs had won the game. But the center fielder made a spectacular run to the ball and caught it…that ended up winning the game for the Snappers.

In the 11’th the Snappers were up 2-1 and the Chiefs were down to 2 outs..when they drove home the tying run. Then came the top of the 12’th…8 runs, multiple home runs..ouch. A position player came in and retired the side in 5 pitches..but it was 10-2 by then.

In short…the 10-3 final does not indicate what a dramatic, exciting game it was.

Sadly, few were on hand to see it:

And afterward..I stayed for the fireworks…I often do not. I just felt like it this time.

And now we come to this:

Note: the author of the newspaper article didn’t write the headline.

Now OF COURSE, wokes on this thread are OUTRAGED….

and yes, “beast” or “beastly” might not be a compliment in gymnastics …it IS in other sports.

In running, an excellent time (say a 2:50 marathon), swimming (1:10 5K swim) or lifting performance (a 350 lb bench press) is often greeted with a YOU BEAST..which is a compliment.

And football fans know this too:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is beastmode.jpg

Yes, I know…gymnastics is not football, weight lifting, running, etc. So while I concede the headline might have been a bit ham-fisted it is hardly the moral sin these wokes are decrying.

And this is why I tune out the knee-jerk wokes. Yes, there is truly offensive stuff out there, but there is a group of people that instantly get outraged over *everything*; they are basically background noise and their expressing outrage is really not “signal.”

Oh, yes, I did speak up and mention the customs, but some woke thought she would “correct” me: