Why I am masking up again…

Simple: infections are ticking upward again and my wife’s recent experience shows that breakthrough infections are both possible and nasty.

In the past, I masked up to help “stop the spread.” Now, I just don’t want that crap.

What I did before: masks in stores, medical places. No mask at outdoor stuff, walking around, at work, or in the gym (high ceilings, lots of fans)

Now: masking up in the gym, masking up at work (indoor, not in my private office), masking up if sitting near anyone at a game or in the concourse. If I am isolated, then no.

And, as before, no indoor dining.

This time, I am doing it for me.

About that delta variant: note the sharp rise and fall in the UK..and one in India.
I wonder if we will see that here.

The above shows the gauntlet I drove through; the county numbers in Muskogee were ok; Austin WAS alright (but just upticked), Rolla is horrible (too tired to drive more) and Peoria lost our “green” rating, though it is still better than the other places.

Back at it..

Yes, wife is in quarantine.

The interesting thing is that her travel companions that she shared a room with for multiple days did NOT get it; repeated negative tests. But she did get strep throat AT THE SAME TIME…(yes, verified by testing) and responded well to antibody treatment. So I wonder if strep set her up for a breakthrough infection.

Still, I am symptom free (and not exposed to my wife as we are isolating; she got sick when I was away) and so can make my physical therapy appointment; I might mask up and go to my outdoor ball game (sit well away from others; wear a mask when near people). This is in accordance with the County Health Person’s recommendations who did contact tracing.

Now I tried to get back into working out; no aerobic work (cycling Thursday-Tuesday) so: rehab, abs:
Pull ups: sets of 5, 10, and singles to get 50 reps

push ups: better ROM; 3 sets of 20

dead lifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 229. Wonder about my back position; I have a back that doesn’t like to bend inward.

I have to try this with my shirt tucked; it appears that I have some “round” in my back while lifting but that my lower back position does not change.

Pain: tingles persist just a bit; some tenderness in the shoulder though the greater ROM of pushups went ok.

Travel and COVID, part II

In my previous post, I described my trip. Now I’ll talk about COVID.

Last Tuesday, my wife left for a trip with vaccinated friends; she went to Chicago. Note: though she masked up on the train as required, she did eat in some restaurants and she didn’t wear a mask in the hotel or elivator.
She felt ill on Thursday; it turns out that she came down with COVID and got antibody treatments. She is isolating at home.

Personally: the only indoor place I don’t/did not mask up in..or was, the larger gyms (Riverplex, university gym) which have high ceilings and constant fans/ceiling fans. I masked up in stores, the hotel gyms, gas stations, rest stops, etc. And yes, from now on, I will mask in the gyms.

But…and this applies locally too…if you mask up, you’ll be the rare exception. I did see one hotel clerk masked and one gas station attendant. At the Texas Natural History Museum, everyone was masked.

But everywhere else, masks were an rarity…I’d say, 5-10 percent, tops? Yes, I know what the CDC guidelines are for vaccinated individuals, and I know that too many are not.

Be careful out there; this delta variant is no joke and this infection is no fun.

Travel Summary part I

Back in Peoria. As previously stated, on Sunday, I made it to north of Waco before my car ran over a sharp screw. I stayed the night and got 4 new tires.
Then I made it as far as Ft. Leonard Wood and stayed the night; made it in this morning.

Workout: each day, I used the exercise bike in the hotel and got 10 miles in 34-39 minutes, and did my usual rehab.

Summary for my road workouts:
bike 10 miles and rehab: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
weights: Friday, Sunday
Elliptical: Saturday

Hotels: Hampton Inn: Wednesday Night (Muskogee), Monday night (Ft. Leonard Wood).

Sunday night: Holiday Inn
Thursday, Friday, Saturday: Omni (Austin, Southpark)

I’ve been impressed with the Hampton; it is a bit like a value Hilton, if you will.

Traffic: the amount of semis on the road is insane. There is more than ever; in fact one of the hotel clerks noted it.

But as far as the “non-flat-tire” lowlights:

I saw 8-10 highway trooper speed traps. All but ONE were in Illinois, and the Illinois portion was easily less than 20 percent of the trip, in mileage. They were EVERYWHERE along I-55 from St. Louis to the I-155 turn off which leads to Peoria..and of course, lots of orange barrels…

I-35 from Austin to Dallas was dreadful. Sunday saw 41 minutes worth of delays on that stretch, mostly between Austin and Waco. I’d say that there were 5 places with stopped traffic: South Austin, North Austin, Round Rock, Temple, Waco. In fact, googlemaps reroute through Waco to avoid the pile up on I-35 is where I caught my nail.

I-635 around Dallas; the northern part, was awful. It really is quicker to cut right through: I-35 to US 75.

People were kind and generous. When I was waiting for AAA to come (flat tire), I went ahead and put on the doughnut myself. 4 different guys and 4 different times asked if I needed help! I got it ok. And the AAA guy gave me a great tip to stay at the Holiday Inn that was next to Discount Tires, and they set me up with new tires and had me on my way in an hour!

All of the hotel people were kind and courteous.

Now, about COVID…that is for Part II. Note: this delta variant is no joke.