What will happen tonight?

I am watching some football on TV, thinking about tonight’s Iowa at Illinois game. THIS YEAR, Illinois appears to be better, but Iowa isn’t that bad (two non-embarrassing losses) and still has a chance.

And the Illini will lay an egg sometime.

I’ll take the Illini to win and cover the spread (4 points).

I still got my workout in.

I’ve had some issues with the back/glute/leg (left); hot spot where the IT band inserts but this is probably due to the back.

I started with a slow warm up walk. It didn’t go great, but the PT afterward DID go well..
Then a somewhat faster paced 4 mile walk; again, it was NOT peaches and cream, but..well, no pain..just “thereness” and “not quite energetic.”

Ok, the 4 miler was not much of an effort.

This is one of my back stretches. Note the awful knees.