Regression again

This time: the pain (soreness) is on the outside of the hip, kind of where the IT band connects. Cross legged stretch with a slight twist relieves it. Slow walking is better.

Had to cut a planned 4 miler to 2 as I started off sore (similar to an earlier walk) and it never got better; 15 min mile 1, 18 mile 2. Then a break walk 17 minutes.

This is not the stabbing glute pain nor the radiating pain; it might be a loss of power leading to over stressed muscles.

Slow walking feels better than fast..which is the opposite of what it once was.

Spent the morning at the doctor’s office for B’s hand..same deal next Tuesday. I’ll have to make that up on Sunday before.

Note: PT felt great and I should have swam. I’ll swim Thursday, maybe Friday too.