Data gathering

I am still learning as to what works and what doesn’t with my back. I have to watch my sitting posture: “arch” is “no good.”

Today: extensive PT, swimming 2200 yards: usual 600 back/side warm up, 400 drill/swim, then 250’s alternating swim/pull: 18:43. Kind of slow; neither Jason nor I had a lot of energy today. then 200 cool down (some with fins)

Shorter exercise walk due to a meeting (14:40’ish pace, sort of stiff), and another commuter walk after.

Football: very excited about the upcoming Iowa at Illinois game. Last one I saw in person (2020 was “no fans”) ended 63-0 Iowa. And there was that trip with Tracy to watch Ohio State get bombed by Iowa 55-24.

But this year: horrible offense. So, on paper, Illinois *should* win, but college teams lay eggs all of the time.

Second verse: same as the first

I’ll have to look up what happened last time. But the flare up from Sunday is still sort-of with me. But: walking is stabbing pain. The weight workout: mostly fine; did get “tired” toward the end.

But I have felt the nerve in the glute while sitting, and upon getting up from sitting, though nothing like the last flare up..nothing at all.

Today: Started with pull ups, THEN mixed PT with push ups..started off ok.

Total pull ups at first: 40 repetitions, then 5 negatives and 5 more singles for 50

push ups: 5 sets of ’em all. Full PT.

Then the walk.

Downstairs for 3 sets of Swiss bar high inclines (10 x 94) and some deads:

10 x 134, 10 x 184, then 10 x 260 8 inch…all were very easy and painless..felt good even.