Another week..

And I am starting to get caught up on things..sort of. B is still having pain, but is doing better.

Today: I went through PT with pull ups and push ups (5 sets of 20 ) mixed in; I have an exercise to add. It is a prone pelvic tilt to counter the way my tail bone tilts back. The pull ups: 8 sets of 5 singles, 10 singles (2 bad reps), and 2 penalty reps.

high incline: 10 x 95, 99, 105, curls 3 sets of 10

Then a 2 mile walk; finished it all by 7:40 (everything, including a bathroom break takes 2 hours).

Then: a commuter walk home over lunch.
I look somewhat smaller than a few months ago. Weight yesterday: 196.8 before swimming, 195.8 afterward. Within 10 lb of where I want to be.

Aging: friends and loved ones

Axiom: the longer your life, the more friends and loved ones will suffer from ailments of various kinds, and yes, die.
I’ve lost 3 good running friends from 2008-2015 or so (all I ran with, all who could beat me) and now another one has lung cancer.
I don’t know the stage (discovered by biopsy) but even best case is 70 percent survival rate in 5 years; worst is 5 percent.

My bestie also had cancer, but hers is “the best cancer to have if you must have cancer.” I took her to her biopsy.

My wife is recovering from hand/wrist surgery (should restore functionality of her hand) but, well, only 11 days out and yes, there is still pain.

My back issues: not functional; I can manage my chronic conditions (knee, shoulder , back) by not being stupid.

But, well, here is a vow to make time for friends and to enjoy them while we still have each other.