Illini win 9-6 slugfest with Iowa

Most services I read predicted a low scoring, hard hitting game, and that is what we got. Drives, field was 6-6 at the half, with one of the Iowa field goals coming when Illinois fumbled a punt…held and forced an Iowa punt, then got another fumble at the Illini 5.

Iowa mounted an “almost drive” and missed a go-ahead field goal (very long attempt) right before the half.

The first half did see a key wide receiver and starting QB go out with ankle injuries, though the back up QB had starting experience from last year, and is capable.

Not much happened in the 3’rd and 4’th quarter until a long Illinois drive put them in position to kick the go ahead field goal.

But on 3’rd and 9, there was an apparent fumble that was returned for an Iowa TD, but reply showed the Illini quarterback’s elbow was down prior to losing control of the ball.

The Illini made the field goal, then forced an interception on the next series. But the Iowa defense used time outs to get the ball back, but he ineffective Iowa offense could do nothing.

I enjoyed the trip with Tracy;

The crowd as almost 45,000, which is the largest since September, 2016.

Note: no troubles walking to and from the car..that is a blessing.

The flare up continues

So far, the flare up has lasted a week, and perhaps last night’s game didn’t do it any favors, though getting to sleep wasn’t a problem. Ice and the Z position helps.

Still, I did my PT, walked two miles (not bad…but not the free and flowing walks when it is good..and the damned GPS cut off my laps…

dead: 10 x134, 10 x 184, then 10 x 250 4 inch: all felt good during..but sort of limping afterward. Watched a game on TV then walked a 17 minute mile afterward.

I wasn’t very fast (14:04 mpm) and the legs felt fatigued…but part of it was the late night.

Tomorrow will be trouble as well as my “always at the damned doctor elderly wife” is getting her hand operated on; it is necessary.