And so AP calls it…

Yeah, the news organizations called Pennsylvania for Biden They have yet to call North Carolina and Georgia, but it sits at 290-214 and it is my guess is that the Trump lead in NC will stand as will the narrower Biden lead in GA so it should end 306-232.

The state I really missed was Florida …I was thinking 330-350 EV and a wider (say 8-9 point) popular vote lead.

Even watching my Illini get creamed 41-14 by the Gophers (mostly running) didn’t sour my mood.



Low handle, deficit: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 5 x 224 (last set a bit harder than I’d like)

high handle: 5 x 274 (killed me)

low handle: 5 x 249 (finished me off)

You can see my progression, such as it is, here. August, 2019, getting ONE rep with up handles with 225 was hard for me. I’ve certainly improved.