It looks like they did it!

I know; Wisconsin and Michigan called; Arizona called by some, Nevada looking good and inching up in Georgia. And in Pennsylvania the “blue wave” of early votes, which the Republicans would not allow to be counted ahead of time, are about to overtake him.

If you say “not so fast” with Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia (42 EV), I’ll concede PA and GA are not done deals yet, though I am feeling great about PA. Still it would be nice to see 300+ EV.
Biden is at 50.3 percent of the popular vote total (which will climb), and Trump is at 48.

No, this is not the blowout I had hoped for, but it is fun to watch the political walls closing in on Trump.

I stayed up too late and lifted so-s0
pull ups: 50 total reps, included a set of 10 along the way.
bench press: 10 x 132, 10 x 159, all with pauses.
Deadlift: a bit different this time:
neutral with low handles: 10 x 132, 10 x 184 (those steel 25’s feel heavier than the rubber ones?)

Then 3 x 224…it was too much work so with little rest:
10 x 224 high handles.

shoulder (seated) 3 sets of 10 x 90

rows: single arm, 3 sets of 10 x 60 dumbbell

plank: 2:30 plus headstand