Inching forward

I just got through watching Illinois’ 41-23 whipping of Nebraska. This is the first time in ages that I watched an Illinois team play a non-Rutgers Big Ten team and think “the Illini have better players than the opposition.” No, they are not a good team by any stretch, but have maybe reached “low average.”

COVID cancelled/postponed a bunch of games today, including Navy’s and Texas’s.

Workout: well, deadlifts then a 5K walk; felt the glute just a bit.


Low handle, deficit (standing on a 10 kg plate for a deeper squat)
10 x 134, 10 x 184, 1 x 224, 1 x 254

High handle: 1 x 274, 1 x 301 , 10 x 244
301: (each side: 2 45’s, 1 25, 1 11 (5 kg), 1 2.5, 44 lb bar)

Low handle: 10 x 224 (neutral)

There is my 301. You can see the plates that I stand on for the low handle deficits.

Goal: get 300 with low handles; I’ve got some work to do. I felt it in my back.

Where I am going: I should be ok with the low handle IF I can just break the weight off of the ground and get it an inch or two high.

Then came the walk; a nothing 5K walk in perfect weather, in time to watch the game.

Shirt underneath was my 2020 FANS 24 hour shirt, and the sweatshirt was from the 2013 Armed Forces Bowl where Navy beat Middle Tennessee State.

Deadlift progression:


August 5, 2019: managed a High Handle hex dead 225 (1 rep)
August: typical sets were 4 x 175, 4 x 195 (handles up)
September: 4 x 205 head dead (handles up)
November: got 4 x 225 hex dead, handles DOWN
December: got 1 x 225 bar dead, then 4 x 225
December 20, 2019: got 1 x 230 bar deadlift
DEcember 25: got 1 x 233 bar deadlift (home)
Dec 27: got 1 x 235 dead
Dec 29: got 1 x 240 dead (bar)

Jan 11: got 245 hex dead (handles down)
Jan 25: got 255, then 260 conventional dead
Feb 1: got 255, 260 Sumo, 6 x 233 conventional
Feb 8: got 266 conventional, 5 x 238 Sumo.
April 5, 5 x 244
April 18: 5 x 244

Gap for sore back: switched to low handle trap deads

May 23: 10 x 206
June 7: 10 x 217
June 20 1 x 250 trap
July 4: 10 x 222
August 1: 4 x 250 (trap, low handle)

Gap for Virtual ultra (24 hour)

August 22: 4 x 254 (trap..low handle)
August 29 1 x 274 (trap, low handle)

September 5: switched to full stop deadlifts: sets with 244
September 12: 10 x 222 (full stop)
September 27 4 x 254 5 x 244 (full stop)
October 4deficit: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 5 x 224
regular: 2 x 259; didn’t try a 3’rd rep as I felt a tug in my right hamstring (high)high handles: 10 x 224:
October 17: High handle: 5 x 254, 5 x 264 (fairly easy)Low handle, neutral: 5 x 244
October 24: High handle: 5 x 264, 5 x 274, low handle: 10 x 224

October 31: 1 x 254, High Handle 1 x 284, 1 x 274

November 7: High Handle: 5 x 274, Low Handle: 5 x 249

November 14: Low Handle: 1 x 254, High Handle: 1 x 289, 1 x 294, Low Handle: 10 x 224

November 18; High handle 10 x 234 (by accident; added an extra 5 to each side)

November 21: Low Handle deficit: 1 x 254. High handle 1 x 301, 10 x 244. Low Handle: 10 x 224.

Wrapping our heads around the uncommon but unpleasant reality

I am seeing quite a bit of denial on several fronts; one of course is the inability of many Trump supporters to come to grips with the fact that Biden won the Electoral College.
Yes, I saw some of that in 2016 as well, though not to the same degree, and NOT coming from political leaders. So, this isn’t a symmetric situation but I did see some of it.

And I am seeing some denial with respect to COVID and hearing some ridiculous things:

And, no, this isn’t just in the US.

Interestingly enough, this reminded me a bit of what I read in Paul Fussell’s book Wartime: Understanding and Behavior in the Second World War (Review of this book here)

In the book there was a chapter about “rumors in war.” Of course, false rumors are always there, but it was a type of rumor that I especially remembered.

There was one rumor circulating among some US troops that, after they had seen some combat, they had done “their share” and would be soon heading back to the United States to train new troops. When they found out that the rumor was false..they were extremely upset.

In those days, you stayed until you either were killed, wounded, went insane or the war was won (the “tour of a set duration” for ground troops came out in later wars; it is true that aviators had a set number of missions..though survival of a full tour was no sure deal).

Another one: after a rough amphibious assault against fierce German resistance, there were rumors that somehow Germans had advance intelligence of the landing; someone had tipped them off. The idea was “well, this is our enemy; they are tough, disciplined and they will kill a hell of a lot of us, even if we win” was just too brutal of a reality to face. There HAD to be something else.

And so, I think we see some of that here. I think that, while there is some genuine ignorance, there is also probably a lot of people who don’t want to face the reality of COVID 19..that, left unchecked, it will kill a lot of us, and the infection you get will probably not kill you (though it can severely mess you up more than you want to admit) but it will spread to many others..eventually killing someone.

To a lesser extent I think this is reality in politics; voters can’t come to grips that about half (perhaps more) of the country finds the “evil” candidate you opposed to be perfectly acceptable. That can’t be the case, so they must have cheated somehow.

With that, there is the idea that your social bubble is NOT the whole country; there are a hell of a lot of people out there who think very differently than you do.