Onto finals

Exam 3: graded one set, in the middle of grading another set, and will grade again tomorrow…ugh.

I got in a workout this morning:

I slept in just a bit,

pull ups: 55 reps though I did 10 singles, a set of 10, some 5’s, etc.

rotator cuff and hip hikes; got to stay with those.

Inside: shoulder presses with the barbell:

10 x 40 kg (88 lb)

1 x 44 kg (97 lb)

1 x 48 kg (101 lb)

2 x 52 (114.6), 2 x 52, 6 x 44, 5 x 44, 5 x 44

one arm rows: 3 sets of 10 x 60 each arm.

trap bar deadlift: deficit, 10 x 134, 10 x 184,
High handle: 10 x 234
plank: 2:34 (tough)

Then the easy 2 mile walk; zero pain, but that was expected.

Yes, those are 20kg plates: but this is only a 10kg bar and 1 kg collars, so 52 kg (almost 115 lb) I so wanted an excuse to use these.

COVID and peer pressure

First things first: walk; piriformis started to hurt..yes, felt it at about mile 2.5 and by 3.1 it was pain..4 was too much today.

I am wondering about the wisdom to switching to 2 miles a day for a couple of weeks and seeing if it improves…along with the standard PT stuff.

COVID Covid denial is strong even to the point where those dying from it won’t admit that they have it.

It is taken more seriously in other places. What gives?

Part of it might be because those living in dense areas can hear the sirens but if the same population is spread out, the deaths and hospitalizations are not as easily seen. Humans seem to have evolved to react to what we see, and not what we read.

And there is peer pressure: if everyone is masking up and expecting you to, it is easier. But if you are the only one..you risk being ostracized and ridiculed by people who are important to you.

Me: I don’t care what some MAGA moron thinks of me..no reason to.

But back to those who should know better: even they will take that occasional stupid risk even while “talking to talk”; perhaps some shame might be in order?