1 December: not so flying start

Well, the piriformis is injured..not badly so it is back to square 1, with lots of stretching, hip hikes, etc.

I designed this..tingles started in first mile and became mile pain at about 2.5-2.6 miles; never bad. So I rolled, hip hikes, etc.

I am helping someone out tomorrow so I worked extra today:

I do love the walk home in this weather right after the sun goes down; beautiful sky. That mask is from the company that made my new steel weight plates. I sure wish I were strong enough to warrant buying more new plates. But I am not.

Bradley Men are playing Judson, a NAIA team. 10 players have seen the court, most for significant minutes.

I think Bradley will win; huge difference in size, speed, quickness, etc.

This year, you pretty much take what you can get in terms of games; this is an in state school.