New Year’s Eve Eve

Counting 2020 down, though, frankly, 2021 might prove to be rougher.

I did some stuff (water, car) and I managed a workout:

This was some deficit deadlift work.
Light “high handle” deadlifts

This shows what happens when I lose concentration.

Same weight; better concentration (a few days ago)

The workout itself:

pull ups: sets of 5 and one set of 10 singles. 50 total; better quality.

In between: rotator cuff and hip hikes.

Shoulder presses: 10 x 40, 10 x 48 dumbbells

Three sets of 3 x 114 (52 kg) barbell

10 x 48 dumbbells.

rows: 3 sets of 10 x 134 trap.

Deadlifts (in between shoulder press reps)

10 x 134 neutral

10 x 184 deficit (shown)

10 x 214 deficit (harder than I expected it to be)

10 x 226 high handle (shown)

2:30 plank.