Not quite right

Basically I wasted the day watching football and basketball; My Illini got routed 56-21 (it was 21-21 at the end of the first QUARTER) but Bradley (men) pulled it out over Miami-Ohio, winning 69-68, scoring the winning basket with 18 seconds to go.

Workout wise, I felt “off” from the get-go.

Deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 1 x 224 (neutral)

FOUR misses with 301 (low handle; I could get it an inch or two off put could not get it to that 6 inch point where the high handles are).

Then: 5 x 274 high handle, 5 x 254 low handle. That’s least I got a workout.

Then a 2 mile walk to make it in time for kick off for the very good Northwestern vs. Ohio State game (22-10 Buckeyes; NW did well and lead until the very end of the first half.

Physically, I feel a bit tired; not quite up to snuff. No good reason.