Doing the right thing: not so hard for me. It is for others.

First, the workout:

13:18 mpm today; it was cold;

Yesterday, I had a strolling 2 miler at 19:20 mpm pace (that is my “city walking” pace, with stops for cars, dodging other pedestrians by giving them a ton of social distance, etc.

Today: I felt some tingles but declined at extending the distance; MAYBE 3.5 miles next week? Better to be conservative.

The topic:

I’ll be upfront: I’ve been pretty careful about social distancing in this pandemic; my one extra interaction is a socially distant visit to a friend about 1 hour per week (masks, extreme distancing, no consumption of anything, no touching). That’s it. Even work has been remote; solo office.

But, for me, a “just the Mrs. and me” holiday is no sacrifice. I do miss all of the games but, giving those up are, as the Bible says, “giving from my excess” (Note: I am not a believer, but I won’t discount a truth because it appears in a religious text)

Personally, I do not care for the forced socializing that comes with the holidays. I am FINE with missing it; what I miss are the one on one interactions (or small group gatherings..small as in 3-4 people at once). But, again, that is giving up “excess.”

I do miss the gym and the races, but I haven’t had to miss working out.

I have been employed, had no one get severely sick, have my own gym equipment, have a treadmill and mostly empty neighborhoods to run or walk in and internet connections to talk about said interactions.

I’ve even been able to attend math talks remotely. (I enjoy such things).

My kid is a young adult (mid 20’s) and no elderly relative to tend to (other than, well… LOL) . And there are other blessings I will not mention here.

So, I’ve had it easy.

But, there are some out there who do feel some family tensions from some friends and relatives who “want to have everyone over.”

Again, I have no such problem; if anything this might give me an excuse to disown people I already do not care for.

But..there are others who do care …who want family approval..those who are hurt by family disapproval.

And there are those who simply miss the company…and who feel tempted by “granny is lonely and wants all of her kiddos..she’d rather get covid and die than to do without.” (disclaimer: my dad…and I…spend holidays on remote military duty…yes, you can do without, if you have no choice)

But I know that others are struggling and that people are torn in so many ways.

You have people who are doing the right thing..but seeing friends and loved ones who aren’t and some who have paid the personal price (and yes, perhaps spread it to others). What do you say to a friend or loved one who does the right thing but saw THEIR loved ones NOT do the right thing..and get COVID?

I doubt that judgement from me does much good.

But what might do some good is to let others know that there ARE others out there, doing the right thing. It helps to know you aren’t alone: