Please take COVID seriously …

First, my workout: not that much to speak of; goal was to get in some work and not inflame the piriformis. There were tingles before I stopped but no pain.

Covid: this is reposted with permission. The lady in question is a vibrant one, in her early 40’ that you may have seen me taking photos with during 5K to marathon races. She is active in other ways too: spin classes, leads spin classes, etc.

This is after she whipped me in the Steamboat 15K a few years ago (2016, I think)

“Now that most people at work know, I suppose I can share this more freely. In mid November I was hit with Covid, and while my symptoms were considered “mild”(I was not hospitalized or needing a respirator), I was VERY sick for almost 2 full weeks.

Thankfully I was well enough to return to work shortly after my quarantine, and then shortly after that I tried teaching my classes again. That has come to a stop, unfortunately. This article describes how I’ve been feeling since “recovering” from Covid. I’m extremely forgetful, I wake up with headaches almost daily, I tire very easily, my taste and smell are still off, it’s hard to focus at work, and apparently if I do cardio, like my classes, my heart rate isn’t always easily controlled creating some scary side-effects(this is not mentioned in the article but is another side effect for some after Covid).

I was PERFECTLY healthy before Covid. To experience these annoying side effects is very frustrating, especially because I LOOK healthy. This is not made up by the media to scare you. This is real life shit happening to ME, and thousands of others. Covid is NOT like the flu. Please stop saying it is and stop taking it so lightly.”

The point: yes, mortality IS low, but morbidity is not. So, yes, 99 percent survive but of those who survive, but about 20 percent get more than mild symptoms and some of the damage is long term (in that similar damage from other causes is long term).

And reading stories like these (small South Dakota town) and this (our leadership) infuriates me.

Note: I recently found out that an elderly uncle died from COVID. I had lost contact but he was very good to me when I was a college student. Good man. Yes, he WAS very old but he deserved a better ending than this.

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