Warm days and lawn mower buzz

Well, it HAS been at least 48 hours since my neighbor cut his lawn…

Still busy: writing up an exam and then having to grade…the work this semester has been greater than normal. Part of it is that I am a rookie instructor all over again as online is new to me.
But I have learned things.

Workout notes: I did save my weights until this morning.
rotator cuff
free squats with band..and yes, I broke the band but that has a silver lining.
pull ups: I struggled through 10 sets of 5 (ok, one was 6 singles..so 51 total)
But the I took one of the torn band pieces and cut another piece off..

Instantly, I was able to knock off a set of 10, even while fatigued. So, 61 total, and those grippers are a keeper.

bench press: 10 x 132, 5 x 176, 4 x 176 (barely made the 4’th), 5 x 171
outdoor again: 3 sets of 10 x 44 standing press, 3 sets of 6 goblet squats with band
indoor again: 8 x 134, 3 sets of 5 x 184 trap bar “squat”; first 2 sets were with a band, 1 without. It felt fine; I’ll work on upping this.

Afterward, walk to Dozer and back (4 miles); lots of vehicle traffic..though I did pass an empty COVID screening station. Total: 4 miles.

What will happen?
I honestly do not know what is right. My guess is that, at least locally, we’ll see a rise in cases and deaths as I don’t think many are taking the social distancing stuff seriously.
But, again, I am no expert, and ..yes, anyone who glances at my blog will know how much I love races and ball games and how much I want to go back to them.
But stopping the spread is vital and, well, let’s just say that public ignorance is bad enough when there IS scientific certainty. But it is even worse when the best scientific conclusion involves quite a bit of uncertainty.

I think we can safely reopen when we know more and have an effective, feasible plan in place, which will involve some combination of testing, vaccine, treatment, targeted quarantining, etc.