How I am different from my good hearted conservative and liberal friends

Yes, there are kind, generous people across the political spectrum. And there is me.

This is kind of a play on this old joke, that was originally just the Democrat and Republican:

A Democrat shows up and throws him 200 feet of rope. The excess rope weighs the victim down and he drowns.

A Republican shows up and throws out 50 feet of rope and demands that the victim take some responsibility for himself and swim to the rope. He can’t and drowns.

A libertarian shows up and shrugs “it isn’t my problem” and just goes away; the victim drowns.

A bunch of Tea Party types show up. One throws the victim a heavy rock; the victim drowns and all of the tea partiers cheer.

A Green Party member shows up. He yells at the victim for polluting the water. The victim drowns.

So here: person falls into a lake and is drowing.

Good hearted liberal friend: saves the person, tells them they aren’t at fault; lobbies to get a safety fence built thinking it will keep people safe.

Good hearted conservative friend: saves the person, lectures them on personal responsibility…lobbies to get a safety fence built thinking it will help local businesses and create jobs.

***hole me: curses, saves the person, calls them a f***ing moron, rage blocks them on facebook. Then…says “ok, I’ll hate myself for saying this but we should put up a fence because people are frigging idiots and we’ll save money on emergency services to rescue the morons.

And so it goes. My fellow liberals like SNAP..thinks it is an outrage that our country “lets” so many kids go hungry.
I am outraged too: in many (BUT NOT ALL) cases, outraged at moronic biological parents who irresponsibly create kids they cannot care for (. for SNAP as it is a good investment in the kids future; they are less likely to end up on public aid as adults.

It is a wonder that I have any friends at all.

Pandemic walk

The athletic performance was nothing to boast about: measured 6.9 miles in 1:50 (15:57 mpm), though my social distancing moves to the parking lot, across the street, etc. probably bumped that to 7 miles

COVID test center. It was open when I was on my way back; not much of a line.

Dozer Park. No crack of the bat today.

Coffee take out; friends conversing at social distance.

I-74 bridge construction.

Closed playground.

Riuverplex: closed; just essential staff and construction workers

Social distancing rules for the bike path. I went off of the path to give a few people room; there were not many there.

Dinner tonight?

I felt fine and the temperature ranged from the mid 40’s to 50’s. Much chillier tomorrow.