Catching up

Busy with work…and will be for a couple of more days.
knee: felt better (let’s see: knee, back, feet, wrist…aging is fun!)
Workout: walked 10K plus yesterday: two lower loops of Bradley park then home directly (not via Parkside) then a 1.8 mile extra to get 6+
today: 5.1 Hill route in Bradley park; pushing lifting to Saturday (planning: pull/chin ups, bench press, trap bar dead, maybe overhead presses too.

First 3 photos: me on the hills (first 2: lower Bradley Park hill; next: Cornstalk Hill)
4’th photo: the area where we usually have Cornstalk outdoor plays: cancelled for this season.
5’th photo: the old bridge in lower Bradley Park, supposedly built in 1898.

Note: where I live: sidewalks, relatively low traffic; and many students are gone so social distancing is easy…see someone, just cross the street. I know..THEY could cross, but given that I am almost always older and, most of the time, going slower than the runner..I cross as, well, let’s face it..what I am doing is more “exercise” than “training.” There are no more PR’s in store for me.