Last day

Oh, there are finals to grade and a few other tasks. I was going to relax but the slumlords around here fired up their mowers and my next door neighbor is doing his usual 72 hour cut job. Ah, the “joys” of living in a modern neighborhood.

I did work out though; it took 70-80 minutes total (with set up and clean up)
I really didn’t do that much.

Pull ups 2 sets of 5 chin ups, 4 sets of 10 pull ups (with grip strips) and 1 penalty set of 5 chin ups (to account for sloppy reps)
lots of free squats with the band and rotator cuff stuff.
Clean and press on the driveway: 3 x 94, 1 x 99, 1 x 105, 1 x 110, 3 sets of 5 x 94 (bar is 44, had 25 lb. bumper plates, 1.25 kg, 2.5 kg plates, so 5.5, 11, 16.5 extra)
Back to the porch: 3 sets of 10 x 44 goblet squats; last two were to foot rests (lower one last), 3 sets of shoulder presses with 44 (10, 7, 10)
2:30 plank.
So I guess it is a lot of sets; 20 all together, not counting the rotator cuff and free squats and probably about 20 minutes of set up, clean up time.

About the press: the driveway isn’t a super even surface but hey, boo hoo. I’d like to add 10 lb. to that lift.

Note: knee, back and even the wrist felt ok; though the first set of chin ups were awful.