We are going to get another spike …I think…

But I sure hope that I am wrong.

First, the pleasant stuff: I walked for 1:58:30 this morning; I cut short my original 5.3 mile loop to..what turns out to have been a 4.2 mile loop due to too much coffee. That took 1:02. Then back out for another 3+ which turned out to be 3.6 to get 7.8 for the day (15:20’ish pace).

What was amusing: a lady was walking ahead of me on Heading (other side of the street) and I passed her..she saw me..and proceeded to break into a run to get ahead of me. I was amused (yes, she had on leggings without a long shirt). Sadly, she turned off just a bit ahead else the “friendly’ (?) competition might have spurred me into more effort.

Then I gave platelets

And here is what I noticed: the first time I went into the Red Cross this year, you just walk to the desk, then they took you into the room where they had interview booths and the machines.
Two weeks ago, you had to get a temperature reading at the front desk.
Today: you get in the outer doors and ring a bell; someone takes your temperature before they let you in the next set of double doors, where the desk is. It gets more serious with each time I visit.

During the interview, the medic told me that he was shocked that so many STILL think it is either a hoax or overblown.

We are going to get a second spike; COVID-19 isn’t going to go away because we are bored.

I’d have to do some research. Some of my friends in Austin, TX say that some businesses are still deserted even after the “open up” order. Others are probably like what is shown.

I think that, despite my article that has polls saying that most Americans think that we are rushing it..well, I can see a divide.

My guess, not based on actual observation but based on things like the morons complaining about the COSTCO mask requirement…anyway, I *think* that we will see a greater and greater divide among Americans.
The “it is a hoax/overblown” crowd will do things like this:

Fortunately, I don’t work in such places and I have the luxury of shopping from home and being selective as to which places I get takeout from. Tonight: everyone getting takeout had a mask on.

And yes, as you can see above, I DO get out and about but there is a difference between living in a bubble and taking a foolish risk in a super crowded store or restaurant.
Good Lord; my dad fought in Vietnam twice..which is a bit higher sacrifice than, say, doing without going into a crowded public area.