COVID-19: advantages of slowing the “return to normal”

First of all, if anyone thinks I want a perpetual lock down, they do not know me well. Just scroll through my blog; lots of sports, races, outing with friends. I may be an introvert but I love going to the game, going out to eat, doing a marathon..ok..make that a 5k…to half marathon, etc.

And small group outings with friends are the things I love the most.

So, what about this pandemic?

Here is the advantage to slow-walking the return to being more open:

1. We have time to learn more about this virus; this will enable better prevention and treatments. Maybe we’ll be better able to identify those most at risk too.
2. We have time to come up with a more efficient testing and tracing program; it helps to know who has it.
3. A vaccine may well be on the way..even an imperfect one that can at least counteract the worst effects and
4. Maybe the virus might mutate to something less lethal; it is in its “evolutionary interest” to do so (dead people can’t spread it; asymptomatic people are the best spreaders.

And just a note: if almost all of us would wear masks around people and practice social distancing, maybe we could reopen sooner? Why is this even a tribal thing? Do we have “Republicans for drunk driving?”

Personal note: I have zero patience. On Facebook, I block at the first stupid comment.

Uplifting personal note: it seems that some of the unscripted personal interactions I’ve had (with Red Cross blood technician, or with someone from my dentist office) have been very encouraging. There are a lot of people taking this seriously, including many Republicans.

Really, though I admit that I can be as big of a tribal ***hole as anyone times, this is one time I really wish we were together.

Workout notes: my right knee was a bit wonky this morning, so I did my 3 lower loop Bradley course; 6.6 miles (I think..maybe 6.4?) in 1:49 (walking). Opening mile was 15:30 or so.
It rained hard and then drizzled off and on.