And what a two days it has been

I didn’t lift either day but I did walk about 10K (just over)

1:30:03 (14:23)
1:40:37 (16:07) much easier

Today, I got a look at the flooding.

Yes, this has happened several times; the businesses near the water front have to prepare for it.

Now about my day: well, these are tough times for most, including higher education. Layoffs loom and buy outs have been offered.

As far as tenured faculty: they can be let go IF either
1. Their department is eliminated (even then, it is dicey) or
2. The university declares “financial exigency”, in which case, the non-tenured are let go first, and a positing cannot be refilled within a 3 year period UNLESS the job is offered back

Next year should be quite the wild ride, but surprisingly, the enrollment numbers do not look as terrible as we had feared…now what the school year will look like..
many possibilities. (example, example,, example, example.

And which of these we will do, if any…I have no idea.