Back tweak but

I am feeling ok now; I could climb over seats as usual.

Deadlifts plus easy 30 minutes bike (10 miles; low resistance)

10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224

on the 3: 3 x 275, 3 x 275, 3 x 275, 3 x 275, 5 x 274 (switched bar, to be sure) all on 3 minutes

1 x 314 low handle (best since 1995 or so); that is what did the back in. Then 30 min. bike.

Later: academic work; Bradley game; easy 80-55 win over SIU-Edwardsville. This was their worst loss this season.

COVID-19: we’ve had a troublesome spike locally; went from less than 10 cases a day to about 100 ..the jump was 10 to 50 to 100. So, I noticed more (not all) are masking up; even in stores.


End of the Semester

Ok, time to catch up a bit; no posts for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. I did write up exams and the like.

Workout wise: Wednesday: did the bike after pull ups: 10 singles, 5-4-3-2-1, 5-4-3-2-1, then 4 sets of 5.

Pushups: variety: 30 sissy 2 sets of 10 flat/extended, 30 sissy, 2 sets of 10 flat/extended, 20 legs elevated.

deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224 low, 10 x 251 4 inch, 10 x 275 8 inch.

Thursday: yoga, slooooow 5K walk. 16:30 ‘ish pace, breaks at 20, 30, 40 minutes

Friday: pull ups, included some sets of 10; 60 total reps, lots of rehab, push ups: did two sets of 10 sissy, 10 feet elevated, 10 full extensions, 10 flat, then 10 full extension, two sets of 5 flat (exhausted)

downstairs; one armed rows (3 sets of 10 each arm), curls (3 sets of 10), then shoulder presses: 10 x 88, 10 x 98 (not quite the quality), 10 x 93 (better)

Went to the Civic Center for a COVID test (long story; B had a positive rapid test (lab), took a second which was negative, but she wanted a lab test so I went with her.

I took a rapid home test: negative; I’ll take one tomorrow as well.

Also: watched the Bradley Men beat Northern Iowa 71-69 with the winning basket coming with 4 seconds to go. BU lead early, but hot shooting got UNI back into it; they had one player with 20, another with so much.

I made an embarrassing error in the first iteration of the meme; got it right this time. Maybe a final exam question?

Wednesday’s deadlift portion:


Injury update: glute is better; far from perfect. Shoulder is a lot better.