And the stalker remains

I woke up late, answered a math question, did some admin and then worked out:

pull ups went fine: 5 sets of 10 and then 2 sets of 5 chins. These went GREAT.

push ups: ok, 30 sissy, then “walk 10” (about killed me: 5:10 to do) then 20 with feet elevated.

Some rehab and off to Forest Park Nature Center where I did the 3.3 mile outer loop (measured as 3.2 by my Garmin). Note I did this in 1:23 this summer BUT that was on dryer terrain and I really WAS taking it easy today.

Walking time, which included some stretch breaks (stopped the watch for the longer ones) took 1:28 minutes of walking time. That is pathetic; but I was slow, deliberate and there were some slick spots; muddy in places. The piriformis barked at me..and the back reminded me that I wasn’t 100 percent, but cardio wise, well, I didn’t go fast enough to stress that.
Yes, I didn’t stretch enough; that was important to note. was like visiting an old friend.

On the trail: a few people, which included one older person struggling on the Wakerobin (he had a walking stick) and a young woman wearing just a jog bra and tight workout leggings (it was 40 F, and yes, she was walking).

I was wearing sweats and a jacket. LOL. It drizzled some.

Yes, I walked yesterday so that was part of it.