knee held up

I did some PT, did my walk (humid conditions) and then neglected to stretch after. No NSAIDS; some hip tingle but I felt good enough to make 7 miles.

79 F, 77 percent at the start
84 F, 67 percent at the end.

My course, according to the USATF ap: 7.37. By my Garmin: 7.17 (it shorted me the “to the mouth of Bradley Park” and the two lower loops) Most of it: the 1.235 mile loops measured 1.18 by the Garmin (2 of those) and the 1.03 was 0.96.

Time: 1:47:32 pace: 14:35 by USATF, 15:00 by the Garmin. There wasn’t much difference in the out and back portion on Moss.

More effort at the end. It was a success …by my current standards.