Getting the timing down

80 minutes; that is how long everything (from pre workout PT to putting up the weights) took, and it was a bit reduced.

PT before hand (I can do this right after I get up)
pull ups: (with rotator cuff/hip hike recoveries: 5, 5, 7, 8, 7, 5, 5, 5, 3, 5, 3 ) trying to keep quality; some questionable reps on the set of 8, penalty set and some chins.
bench press: 10 x 132, 4 x 181, 3 x 181, 3 x 181
trap bar rows: 8 x 134 (one set)
outdoor shoulder press: 44 dumbbells: 3 sets of 10 x 44
outdoor one arm rows: 4 sets of 10 x 60
push ups (deficit) 2 sets of 20, 2 of 10 (challenging)

It really does not seem like it should take that long.

Why it matters if others wear a mask if you are wearing one

I am going to treat this as an honest question. If you want the “full science” answer, go here.

The quick and dirty: we get COVID19 when we inhale (or intake) droplets carrying the virus. The probability of getting infected goes up with the amount of virus we intake…yes, that means we can be exposed and not get infected. But the chances of getting infected go up with “dose” (amount of virus) we inhale …”more virus” means “higher chance of getting infected.”

Masks absorb the droplets that carry the virus. It doesn’t absorb ALL of them it it absorbs a high percentage of them.

Now think about how COVID19 gets spread: it starts with the infected person spreading droplets (sneeze, cough, breathing).
If the infected person is wearing a mask, the absorption is at the source. The mask is in a position to catch many of the droplets before they get out.

Now the non-infected person wearing the mask will have some of the “droplets in the air” filtered out by the mask..but the mask isn’t in position to catch as many as it can when the infected person is wearing it.

Still, the wearer gets their risk reduced.

When both the infected and non-infected person are wearing the mask, there is a series protection effect; the droplets have to pass through two barriers, not one. The droplets carrying the virus have to run the gauntlet twice, not just once.

For each virus carrying droplet, that is two barriers to elude, not just one. And the probabilities of getting through multiply.

Example: if a droplet has a 20 percent chance of getting through a mask, it has a .2^2 = .04 = 4 percent chance of getting through two masks.

Ha ha..nerds will find a way.

Yes, Garmin is undergoing a loss of service attack.
But the workaround works just fine.

These mile splits are a bit better than what the watch showed. No miles over 15 minutes! I knew I had a decent walk, though, yes, I know, this was my “easy long pace” walk in times past. I was just glad to do it without glute pain; posture improvement is helping as are the pre walk exercises.

Afterward: 195.5. Slight “heaviness” in the knee.