Easing into it

Damned Garmin always shorts me on my Bradley Park courses. The Garmin got me at 6.35 at my house (USATF: 6.55) and both gave me the same extra distance on my Moss to Bradley part.

2:06:52, which was 15:44 by the Garmin or 15:20 by the USATF measurement. Ok, no one cares…note the HR really didn’t get that high until some moron tried to pass a vehicle ON THE LEFT near the tricky intersection on Moss..and had the audacity to honk. I wasn’t close to being hit, but I didn’t anticipate that. Idiot.

I did have one pit stop close to 4 miles and there, upon stopping, the glute tightened up and bit and I stretched it for a few seconds. Yes, it is working, but I have to add mileage oh-so-slowly. the knee was unremarkable though it doesn’t “like” downhills.

Weather was pleasant and this time, I forced myself to stop as scheduled; I WAS tempted to “make it an even 10” which is a good sign.