July 4 sizzle and fizzle

Well, no public race today. Sigh…

So, what did I do? I started deadlifts a bit later than I should:

warm up: glute exercises, hip hikes
trap bar, low handles, of course:
10 x 134 (*always* out of breath on the first set)
10 x 184 (felt a bit better, but still huffing and puffing)
4 x 222 (217 + 2.5 kg plates) disappointing, kind of gave up
10 x 222 (this one was hard..got that “bad breath” on the last two reps.)

There was a little bit of knee pain (right knee) afterward..very, very, very minor. I have to watch my angle.

Then outside for 6.32 (or 6.37 if you believe USATF’s online map) worth of walking.
1:37 for the distance; pretty steady except for mile 5 when my mind started to wander; I bore down and focused on the final mile (NO sprinting)

15:25 pace overall. Yes, it was hot; 82 F at the start, 88 F at the finish (46 percent humidity) so I walked to Moss and then did “out and back” from Western to Sheridan ..a couple of times. I saw Sheridan twice and Western twice.

It WAS hot.

The bumper plates make the load look bigger than it was; it was only 222 lb. That is pretty much what is on the bar here, the difference is that she is using the skinny steel plates which take up a whole lot less volume:

No, it isn’t heavy, but the weight killed me.

The shade on Moss Ave.

Personal life: we said “Goodbye” to a unplanned tree that lived with us for 20 years. We first notice a problem when some branches broke off and were resting on the utility lines coming into our house. I got a hand saw and got the branches off of the line and called in a pro to get the longer branches ..trim them up. Outwardly, the tree looked ok but when they took a closer look; it was sick and ready to be toppled by a good storm. So down it came; they will grind up the stump in a couple of weeks.