More progress on that paper

I finally got my teeth into a paper that I had neglected since October. Maybe finish it next week?


Weights only (kind of hot and stuffy outside..I slept better due to a different sleeping position)

Workout, with the silliness of moving my car took a total of 2 hours, starting with my first warm up to the final putting away of the final weight.

Warm up: lots of glute, knee and back stuff; 20 minutes worth

pull ups: not feeling it today: 10 sets of 5 making sure each rep was a good one. rotator cuff recovery
10 sets of 5

bench press: a bit off..10 x 132, 1 x 176 (?) 1 x 187, 5 x 176 (hard), 4 x 176 (ok), 5 x 176 (UGLY)
outdoor: standing shoulder presses, single arm row, push ups (deficit)

Shoulder presses: assume 10 kg bar, 1 kg collars,
10 x (2 10 kg, 2 2 kg plates) 36 kg or 79.2
10 x (2 10 kg, 2 2 kg, 2 1 kg) 83.6
10 x (2 10 kg, 2 4 kg) 88
7 x (2 10 kg, 2 4 kg, 2 1 kg) 92.4
5 x (2 10 kg, 2 4 kg, 2 2 kg) 96.8

Not the best photos but they show my spiffy Adidas Superstar shoes.

Knee This is why my walking is ok, but running: not so much. note how little distance there is between the thigh and shin bone when I have my knee bent, loaded.

Walking loads the knee while straight, with no flight phase.

A tiny bit of personal drama but

No worries, no job loss, nothing major but..well, sort of amusing.
We shall see..

I might write about something more substantive a bit later.

Today: I did two 5K walks. I warmed up, so I thought; went out with bad posture and turned back after 5K; winding Bradley ave, Moss, BU campus course. 48:38 was my time (15:38 mpm, after a slow start)
Stretched, especially back, pit stop, now W. Peoria 5K in 48:00 (15:03, 14:43 final mile) I was rolling at mile 1..even thought about completing the full 5..but at about 1.75 I felt the piriformis starting to fatigue so I said “ok, you are transitioning to all walking..” and took it in.

Funny, but it seems that my walking is the most pain free …AFTER DEADLIFTS…go figure? Who knows…if this trend holds up this Saturday, I might make deadlifts part of my warm up and take them away from my M, W workouts. I’ll keep them reasonably light though; deficits, or maybe a max effort of 10 x 217 or something like that.

I have to remember to build up slowly.

Note: we got quite the rainstorm yesterday. Katie O’Donnell Wahl took this photo of the golf course that I walk past in West Peoria

No, that is not a water hazard; that is supposed to be fairway. We really got creamed with rain…now venturing into my basement.