off days, on days

Yes, I know, this blog has degenerated into mostly my workout log. But I do have a couple of different things to say after the workout record

Weights only; I sure was stiff this morning and the right knee was oh-so-slightly-achy.

So I left dead lifts mostly alone:

pull ups: 12 sets of 5. I wanted to keep decent quality; did some rotator cuff between each set of 5
Then a super set of

3 x 35 lb dumbbell hands rotated inward standing presses
5 x 60 single arm rows (dumbbell)
7 x 44, 10 x 40, 5 x 44 standing presses, usual grip and arm.

push ups: 5 sets of 20 (walked equipment back in); with push up handles. This was harder than expected.

I did 6 x 22 plate squat and 6 x 134 trap bar squat (making sure to bend those knees; felt the right knee a bit.

It sure didn’t seem like much.

Later: 3 mile walk; the butt hurt a bit. I didn’t loosen prior to getting out there; that was a mistake.

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Now how do you catch COVID19: mostly by prolonged, close exposure to someone who has it.

Class room interaction? Anyone who thinks that college students will practice social distancing is delusional. They will get sick and a few will end up in the hospital.

What about college campuses? Surprise: those who need tuition the most will put the most pressure on faculty to teach in person and those with deeper coffers will allow for remote teaching. Yes, faculty are more at risk.

I am going to enforce “wear your mask in the classrooms” and yes, even carry some spares for students who forget…and I’ll set things up so that students do not have to show up but instead can learn remotely…and that includes being tested, quizzed, etc. I’ll put short, daily quizzes in my “classroom videos” that the students will have to do within a day or two. And those who want to come to class will be allowed to, while practicing social distancing.

I kind of wish we had outdoor classroom space.