Management knees

Well, first things first: I had a nice 4 mile walk; 14:0x pace for 4 miles. It was just enough to be work but nothing severe.

Then to the doctor.

I got a lot of x-rays. I was amused at the new machine; you stood and a technician adjusted your body, fiddled with the controls, etc. This wasn’t the old, clunky 1970’s stuff.

I was expecting one of either:
1. overuse..will get better with rest and PT or
2. more tearning…surgery.

I got neither. Instead, I was shown the x-ray; nothing lose but the gap between the bones in my right leg are narrower than the ones in my left. And arthritis continues to develop.
The PA recommended cycling, swimming or elliptical.

The latter two can’t be done at the moment, though in the future I might save up for an AMT machine.

That is a 2000 dollar investment. the future.

Yes, some people who are already running can still run with arthritis and here are some tips (2-3 times a week…sounds familiar? Slow pace..yes, I felt pain after trying to pick up the pace)

Arthritis isn’t a death knell for runners nor for working out in general.

BUT those studies on runners: they are experiences (as am I) but my guess is that many have efficient strides and lean bodies. I am not built like a runner; walking appears to be more natural for me so I’ll stick with that. But: sane distances, and rest days, and yes, cycling in between.

I am at a stage in my life where my bets lifts, best runs, best walks and best swims are behind me. I am now at the “management” stage and doing what my body does the best (walks, lifts, then back to the pool) and my workouts will be two parts: PT, then sport (probably PT, sport, PT)

I might set some goals: perhaps a 35 minute walking 5K and a sub 3 hour walk half marathon.

And…all of the damned butt/knee/PT stuff..probably should do every morning.

knees: the easy stuff:

And the piriformis/glute stuff:

And yes, the “easy” knee stuff.

What I might try with weights: trap bar deadlifts (regular, straight)
step ups with weights
lunges with weights (light at first)
1/2 squats to the chair/box..some goblet, some barbell.