First brace test

Ok, the purpose of today’s workout was to test my brace with some deadlifts..and to get some work in.

PT work on the mat
5 minutes on the exercise bike
Deadlifts (trap bar, low handles, of course)

10 x 134
10 x 184
5 x 217 (deliberately stopped at 5)
5 x 228 (relatively easy..should have been too)
5 x 233 (challenge)
5 x 233 (challenge)

I was ok with my form. Brace seemed to work out ok. No, I did NOT bounce reps and yes, I touched each time.
My legs were quivering (that’s good)

Then upstairs.

79 F, 69 percent at the start; hit 85 at the end. I mostly stuck to the Moss course and a bit on Bradley.

Slight notice in my left glute, and slight notice on my knee. I would not call this a hard effort, but it was steady and deliberate. I put something into it.

Weight afterwards: 194. Too heavy to walk well, too light to be strong. 🙂

And yes..I am in the “managing” phase not the “rehabilitation phase.” Yes, some long term runners can keep running with arthritis but my guess is that these are light people. I’d need to be about 30 lb. lighter to get away with that.

Check this out:
The strongest men are crazy strong. Check this out: it is 308 lb. Yes, I know that the old timers have pressed more than that. But look at how causally he cleans squat, heck hardly any upper body movement. It is almost as if he reverse curled 308 lb.

I follow women too. The strongest overhead lift by an American woman is a 354 lb clean and jerk.