No, the current US is not like Nazi Germany

Anyone who knows me knows that I find that President Trump to be an incompetent disaster; he is easily the worst President of my lifetime. It isn’t even close.

And yes, some things are alarming: hawking private company products, having non-obviously marked branches of federal law enforcement operating and detaining citizens of a city are just a couple of them.

Those are dictator like actions.

But not all dictator like actions are like Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Here are some obvious differences between the two situations:

1. Trump was never nearly as popular as Hitler. Yes, the article I linked to points out that Hitler didn’t have “universal” approval, but he WAS popular, compared to the popularity ratings of US Presidents.

2. Trump obtained power while the country was on an economic upswing. It was completely the opposite for Nazi Germany; the Weinmar Republic had failed to rebound from WW1 and the disastrous global economic depression. Germany was a defeated wreck of a country.

3. Hitler scapegoated an economically and professionally successful class of people. Trump scapegoats the poor and powerless.

4. Detentions: though Germany did have a farm worker program, Trump was mostly about keeping others OUT of the US rather than setting up concentration camps for US citizens. Yes, I am aware of ICE targeting non-white citizens under the mistaken (and racist) impression that they weren’t US citizens.

5. Hitler was about expanding in the world and conquest of other countries. Trump is more about isolationism.

6. Trump was impeached by the House. Not sure that Hitler would have stood for that.

7. I can write things like this that denounce Trump without fear that I’ll be dragged off by the police.

So, I really don’t see the parallels, though, again, Trump is harming the US, IMHO.